The Headless Elf

It is the first day of December. We were talking about Solstice and Christmas, and other festivals. Sophia mention the Elf on the Shelf. Ms Finikin pulled out the one she bought from the Salvation Army years ago. Unfortunately, the head fell off.
Here are some of the stories we wrote about our rather traumatising experience.

When Ms Finikin moved the elf, its head fell off. Ms Finikin put the elf on the whiteboard and it was staring at Sophia.She got so scared.
Daniel G

When Ms Finikin shook the elf, accidentally the elf’s head fell off and I laughed because it’s funny and its head looks like a baby. Kian laughed and Daniel, Kelsey and Sophia were scared. Then Ms Coley came because she was worried.

When Ms Finikin was explaining about Solstice, she wiggled the elf’s head. It fell off and Sophia screamed as loud as she could and Tanu laughed and Daniel was scared. Ms Finikin put the elf’s head back on and Miss Coley came and asked, “What was that noise?”

Hi, there is a scary elf. The elf will watch you as you sleep, he, he! The elf’s head came off and Miss Coley came in and said, “What are you doing to those kids?” I was very, very scared of the elf. Now it is scary. The doll is looking at me and I want to punch the doll. I screamed and Kelsey was, like, “Aaaaaaah!”

The elf’s head fell off of its neck and then we laughed really hard and then Miss Coley came in and shouted at us and then we wrote about the elf and everybody kept on laughing and Sophia was scared.

First Voice

When the children leave Hokowhitu and go to Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School, they have the opportunity to take part in First Voice. This is where students work with an adult helper to write in their first language. Mrs Drake sends us a copy each year and we really like reading what we can.

We took a page from someone who speaks our language (for some of us, this was our older sibling), and used this as a model to produce our own work. We crossed out their personal information and put ours in, put a sticker over their face and drew ourselves. Those of us who had literally defaced our siblings enjoyed taking this home to show them, knowing it would annoy them. We wrote a story in English then took it home to get help with translation. We did a good copy to share. Here are some of them.

Our assignments

During Term 3 we looked at the Wally’s World resources, first about New Zealand, then about our own countries. We realised that the books were not written by natives of the countries as some of the information was stereotyped or wrong (for example, the book said kiwi lay two eggs like penguins do). We decided to create books about our countries. We worked through the term and published over the holidays.

Divan and Wehan worked on their project together.

Divan Wehan South Africa

This is Milyn’s project on South Africa.

Milyn South Africa

Sophia decided to write an imaginary story about losing parents.

My Grandma

We wrote about our grandmothers.

Here is Alexey’s story.

My grandma is kind of tall. When you hug her, it tickles so much. I hug her. I laugh. She says, “What are you laughing at?” I say, “You tickle.”

My Two Blankets

My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood is a very powerful book about a child having to build a new sense of self in a new country. The two blankets refer to the two aspects of herself.

We drew our own blankets and also wrote about our experiences of change.

I am a Chinese girl but, when I was six years old, I went to New Zealand. I was afraid and timid when I went to school. I thought English was difficult and boring.
Also, in New Zealand I changed my name. I was called Gao Ruo Wei in China, but in New Zealand I was called Regina. I was like Cartwheel in that I didn’t feel I was me.
I felt like I had two identities. The new world was boring, but slowly, slowly I adapted to New Zealand. But I am me. I can’t change! – Regina

Viktor’s blanket

I drew TKP because that’s my kete. I drew a motor bike because I want to learn. I drew my mum’s shoes because I like her. I drew a cross because I like to play naughts and crosses. I drew a plane because I like planes.

Alex’s blanket

I drew my blanket because it will make me feel safe and warm and a kind person. It felt very hard to make it yesterday. I drew ice-cream because I like ice-cream. I even drew Mrs Flaus!!! Because I like her. It feels great to have her asa literacy teacher. She always improves my work and checks it.

Tanu’s blanket

I am a careful person and I like a game for playing and need money, and need to do hard work for getting 100%. And I love my family and am a kind person.