I wish

We chose to read How to Catch a Falling Star.

We thought about the difference between hoping and wishing.
We thought about what our wishes would be.

I wish I wasn’t hungry every day and I could read every day and I could have adventures and be a master of computers.    – Avalon

I wish I could have a lot of dogs and a lot of cats and a lot of birds and a lot of fish. I wish I could have a big house and a pretty car.   – Sophia

I wish I could have a kitten, because kittens are very, very cute, and I like to touch the kittens fur. It is very soft.
And I wish I was allowed to have candy in school, because the candy is very sweet.
And the last thing I wish is that I could have a very big house, and nine billion dollars, so that I could buy everything in the world.
P.S. The WHOLE WORLD!!!             – Alicia

I wished to get adopted because all my first friends got adopted before me. The judge asked me if I wanted a family and I said yes. Then it was my sister’s turn and Mum’s turn and they said yes.              -Minu

I wish I ruled South Korea because South Korea has lots of yummy stuff and very good stuff. If I ruled I could have all of those things and I would be rich.     – Emily

I wish I could go back to dinosaur times and I would kill little dinosaurs and I would build houses and I would die when I was, like, 30 (because a theropod would get me).
– Guanyu

Opposite Me

Guanyu chose the 1972 story of Egrin and the Painted Wizard as our book of the day. Three groups used it.

Egrin paints a picture of himself but the cat manages to spill mean powder and coming alive powder on it. A nasty wizard that was the opposite of Egrin appeared and caused trouble. After reading the book, we thought about what we would be like if we were opposite us.

Opposite me would be nasty and kick people and I would bite people and smack them in the face. I would bully people that are smaller than me and I would paint people blue and I would throw rocks at them. – Guanyu

Opposite me would be very kind to my brother and wouldn’t fight with my brother. Another thing is I wouldn’t listen to my parents.   – Emily

Opposite me would write fast. I would listen to my teacher. I like the ocean. The opposite is I don’t like the ocean.  – Minu


Opposite me would be mad and never listen to the teachers and my sister and my mum.   – Milyn

If you opposite me, I will be very mean, and I will shout very loud to you. And if you need my help, I will say, “Hey, you do this by yourself!! I don’t have time to fix your blabby thing!!!!” You will see what is bad if you opposite me.    -Alicia

Opposite me is evil and crazy and mean. I would say, “I don’t care” and “No, do it yourself”.     – Sophia

Opposite me would never listen to my mum and never listen to the teachers.  – Avalon

Opposite me wouldn’t talk to my mom and wouldn’t be kind to people and I would be mostly messy.   – Tanu


Opposite me will be mean to my family.  – Alexey

Opposite me will not be nice.   – Darshan

Opposite me will be mean to my sister and hit her.   -Ella

Opposite me will talk too much.   – Jack


On March 10, Guanyu decided we should read the Egrin book again.
We thought about what we would be like if we were wizards.

If I were a wizard, I would be a kind wizard because if I were a bad wizard,
I would go to jail. I would make toys for the kids.   – Emily

If I were a wizard, I would be a good wizard. I wouldn’t be caught by the police
or go to jail.    – Minu

If I were a wizard, I would be a good wizard. First I would build a house for me and then build a house for animals. I’d make food for the animals.
And, if I see a battle is going to begin, I would stop this battle and bring peace and happiness again.     – Alicia

If I were a wizard I would be a bad wizard and put bombs everywhere and see people die and break everything. I would not be here, I would rob a shop.    -Milyn

If I were a wizard, I would be a good one. I would help the animals and feed them. I would feed them water, too.      – Sophia

If I were a wizard, I would be a good wizard and I would make food for animals and make a river for animals to drink from.    – Tanu

If I were a wizard I would be nice to everyone. I’d build houses for everyone.
– Avalon

If I were a wizard I would an evil wizard. I would kill people and use a wand BLABLABLA and some lions would come out. I would kill everyone in the world. I would use a wand and BLABLABLA and some soldiers would come out and I would fight the king.              – Guanyu


More Calendar Stories

I went to the zoo and we went to the fish pond and my dad stepped closer. He fell in the fish pond. – Louis

In the zoo a gorilla smashed in the other glass and he got shot. – Daniel

I went to the aquarium. I went around and around and around and around on the travelator.  – Viktor

I went to the aquarium. I saw an octopus. He went around and around and he saw a fish. – Richard.



I go to the doctor because my feet was giggling. – Louis

I went to the doctor because I watch too much i-pad. – Daniel

I went to the doctor because my teeth were wobbly. – Viktor

I never go to the doctor because I am healthy. – Richard


Ms Ouida sent a cat calendar from Japan. It has heaps of really cool pictures in it. We like looking at the pictures and talking about them. Then we write about what the pictures make us think of.

When I was 6 I had a lollipop cake. – Ella

When it was my birthday I went to Lollipops Playland. I saw Jayden at Lollipops and I got hurt and I came home and I opened my presents and I played with my toys.
– Darshan

I have a Pepper Pig cake. Then I made a wish. – Richard

When I was 1 my mum made me a garden cake. It had strawberries and worms.
– Viktor

I got a Lego cake for my birthday.
I got a lolly cake.
I got a You Tube cake. – Louis



I like to have a picnic with my family. We go to the beach. We swim. – Louis

I went to a picnic. It was fun. I took an ice-cream. I ate the ice cream in the beach.
– Viktor

I have a picnic with my mum. I see a rainbow. – Richard

My family loves to go outside and go to play. – Ella

My family likes to go to the playground and go on the slide. – Jack

I like to help my dad go up to the top of the stairs and make new rooms. – Alexey

My dad is working outside. He is cleaning the lawnmower outside because he is good. – Darshan

A Story from India

When the rain stopped, the furry monkeys came in my orphanage and they snatched the food.  The monkeys took the food to the top of the building. We hid away from the monkeys. I hid away in a room filled with cockroaches. The monkeys gave the food to their babies.



In Voices in the Park Charles gives Smudge a flower. She takes it home and puts it in a mug.

We designed our own mugs and wrote about them.

Next they got rolled into cylinders and put up on the wall.


“The Other”

We talked about Cook’s secret mission to get land for Britain. Although it was written in his instructions that the inhabitants were children of God and to be treated with kindness, this was not the popular view of the day.

The Doctrine of Discovery justified the expansion of Christian empires and was used until very recently as an argument in courts of law.

We talked about the concept of ‘The Other” and whether someone being different justifies mistreatment.


Should we take things from “The Other”

No! Because they need their lands and it belongs to their country and don’t think if your skin’s white and other people’s faces are different than you, you don’t hit them because it’s the same people and you don’t say bad words to them.

No! Because it’s not fair for other countries.

No! Because they would have war and war is bad and it would be unfair.

Yes! Because:
1/ I can take Chinese things like books or chairs or something.
2/ I can take New Zealand’s snacks.
(But we pay for them)
-Ha Eum Mok

No! Because people then would start war because they are angry at losing their land.

No! Because it’s not nice and it’s rude and they will start a fight and “The Other” will be angry.

No! Because it is very rude and it will start a war. They will never be their friends and they will never see them again.


We talked about the meaning of the word ‘discovery’ in relation to Captain Cook ‘discovering’ things around the Pacific.

Here are some of our ideas about this.

Did Captain Cook discover countries?

No! Because it’s not Tera Nullius. Terra Nullius means no-one is there.

In 1770, Captain Cook discovered the south east coast of Australia, landing in Botany Bay. On 22 August, 1770, he claimed the whole of the east coast of Australia at Possession Island, naming eastern Australia New South Wales.
-Ha Eum Mok

No because he went to New Zealand, Australia and many countries. Captain Cook couldn’t discover countries because there were many people in the countries.

Captain Cook discovered all of the continents except for the south continent that was Australia and New Zealand. But one day he found those two lands and he claimed them for Britain.

No! Because there already people there and there’s no people there anymore because people already left so it is easy to say it is Terrible Nullius.

Yes. He went to New Zealand and South Africa and Tonga and that’s how he went to places and the people told him to ask people for land or, if people are not giving a piece of land, they have it for themselves.



Smudge’s School

One of the groups is exploring the Anthony Browne books A Walk in the Park and Voices in the Park.


Smudge sees the world as a beautiful and exciting place. We thought about what she would see if she looked at our school.




Cook in Hawaii

We watched a video by Dwarven Lego on the death of Captain Cook.

Here are our retellings of what happened.

The Hawaiians stole the long boat so Cook kidnapped the chief. Captain Cook and Captain Cook’s people killed 21 Hawaiian people and 6 of Captain Cook’s people got killed. Captain Cook got killed too. Captain Cook so wanted to kill people but I don’t know why and I don’t like the captain.   – Ha Eum

Captain Cook needed to go back to Hawaii because they had to fix their foremast. The natives thought Captain Cook was their god. Some natives stole their ships. Captain Cook kidnapped one of the natives. He shot and he missed the natives and the natives fought back and Captain Cook was dead.  – Guanyu

Captain Cook needed to go back to Hawaii because his boat’s foremast broke. The natives thought he was a god. The gathered materials to fix the foremast. But two natives stole a long boat and rowed it away.Captain Cook and his crew went to kill the chief. He kidnapped the chief. The natives fought his crew. Captain Cook was killed and he was ripped in to pieces and his bones were cooked.   – Robin

In February, 1779, he broke the foremast. It broke so he returned to Hawaii and the Hawaiian people thought he was the god so they fixed the foremast but then they stole a boat from Cook so he kidnapped the chief then a war came and I hate him.
– Maliepō



Captain Cook spent his three voyages seeming to think that kidnap was a good form of diplomacy. It is hard to say whether it would have been better or worse to have gone for a frontal attack, or retreated, when things went wrong.
We talked about what we would have done if we were Captain Cook. We thought about whether we would have looked strong or weak and if that would have been important.

If I were Captain Cook I would make friends and the friends would get the boat and I would say, “Give me that!” But my friends would not give me the boat. Then I would say, “Give me that! If you do not give me that, I will kill you!” And my friends would not give me that and I would kill my friends.   – Ha Eum

If I were Captain Cook I would shoot them in the head and I would throw their heads out of the boat. I would take a knife and push it in the person’s head. Then I would take my boat.  – Milyn

If I were Captain Cook I would buy four strong dogs and I would tell the others to go back  and I would go to the mountain and I would throw rocks. The would fall down and they would die. If they come up my dogs would bite them.  – Guanyu

If I were Captain Cook I would be friends with the natives. I would give them something to fight their enemies like guns, spears, swords and knives. I would get the ship back because they are my friends.  – Robin

If I were Captain Cook I would go up to them then I would hide the gun and go to the boat and shoot one then take a knife and stab them because if they are too fast they will stab me. That is why I will have a knife and gun but it is so stupid to fight.
– Sebastian

If I were Captain Cook I would not kill people for a dumb boat. I would make another.
– Maliepō